» Pick a method

When fitting your new plates you want to get a secure, long lasting result and as such we recommend the use of either double sided sticky sponge tape or the good old conventional method of using screws and caps.

» Double Sided Sponge Tape

Prior to fitting your plates make sure the surface to which you are sticking to is completely clean and dry. Apply 3-4 strips of sponge tape along each plate and then press firmly against the vehicle bodywork. Continue to apply pressure. Check after 24 hours for adequate adhesion.

» Srew and Caps
If you choose to fit your number plate using screw and caps you'll need to be equipped with both a drill and screwdriver. You'll need to drill the holes through which the screws go through into your vehicle. And then apply the caps on top of the screws. If you want a really secure fit then this is your method.