Mandatory Character Font
All new number plates must contain the new mandatory font as shown below:

The British Standard
The British Standard sets out the physical characteristics. This includes:




The British Standard also requires that a number plate must be marked with the following information:

The British Standard Number (currently BS AU 145d).

The name, trade mark, or other means of identification of the manufacturer or component supplier.

The name and postcode of the supplying outlet.

A non-reflective border and the Euro-symbol with the national identification letters are optional additions.

There shall be no other markings or material contained on the number plate.

Am I allowed to edit the spacing of the characters on my new plates?
::No. This is totally illegal and we cannot supply number plates, which do not conform to regulations.

No. This is totally illegal and we cannot supply number plates, which do not conform to regulations.
::Yes, The current legal flags are: the Euro, Union Jack, St George’s Flag, Scottish Flag and the Welsh flag along with the associated representative terms.

Must all new plates contain the postcode and name of the manufacturer?
::Yes, that is why acrylic number plates supplied by us have to have "Plate Centre G5 0TT" printed in very small text near the bottom of the plate.

Is it true I don't need a GB sticker if I have a EU/GB number plate?
::Yes this is correct, there is no need to apply a GB sticker to the vehicle.

Do you pre-drill plates?
::No we do not pre-drill plates as holes are not in standard positions.

How long do I have to cancel my order?
::Plates are bespoke items made specifically to order - they cannot be sold to someone else if you change your mind.
We start work on your plate the moment we receive your order so we can meet our deadlines. We strongly suggest if you have queries or are uncertain of what you need you call us BEFORE placing your order as refunds cannot be given.

What are the delivery times of the plates once I have ordered?
::Speedi delivery service we receive your order before 12pm your plates could be delivered to you within 24 hrs.